Thursday, 29 January 2009

Back at the Keyboard

At the start of December I moved to a new role, on temporary secondment, within my work where I'm putting my research and web experience to good work. Since then time has seemed to be compressed as I've settled into the new role and been jumping from having my head buried in stats to holding focus groups.

It's all been very exciting and, I'm afraid, this blog has fallen a bit by the wayside. The new job carries with it it's own blog (well... sort of) but that doesn't mean I'll be giving up on this blog but it has helped me to redefine what will go where. 

I'm not sure if they will both live in tandem for ever and ever (I think that depends a lot on the types of content which end up on the Work blog) but for now they're two separate entities.

Anyway, if anyone thought I'd either given up or fallen off the planet then apologies but normal service has been resumed.

[PS: I very nearly considered leaving this post 'till February 2nd just to make it 2 months without any updates!]

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