Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Sharing Made Simple

I've just come back from a really interesting day at UW Newport on Web2.0 for Libraries, Museums and Archives facilitated by Brian Kelly of UKOLN. I was lucky enough to speak in the morning session (as a stand-in, admitedly) but I found the afternoon breakout sessions on the oportunities and barriers particularly interesting and it was a great chance to get at the key issues for GLAMs in Wales.

It made me reflect again on how useful the work really could be and that we do need to keep putting this message accross to libraries all over Wales. Not that we should try and compete with Wordpress, Blogger etc but just to say that "Ok, there's a space here for you - want to use it?"

It was nice to meet Andrew Eynon, who I've spoken to a few times by email/phone and whose blog is firmly in my feed reader. His 8 Library Quest sessions seem to be a great primer for anyone in Libraries who wants to get up to speed on Web2.0 quickly so take a look.

It's really great that we have these kind of centrally (CyMAL) funded sessions which really bring together people from different services.

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