Monday, 1 September 2008

Online Poster Goodness

A fair few library bloggers have been singing the praises of the ALA Online Poster Maker which allows anyone and everyone to create their own poster to compliment the ALA's own promotional efforts.

What a great idea! Whilst 'outline' posters are available for lots of different library promotional programmes, allowing the public to make use of them is a new thing. The National Year of Reading website (for England only) allows you to play with the logo and 'design your own' - which is a nice touch - but the ALA interface really benefits from its simplicity (although, a few more designs would be nice).

Plus, "READ" is such a great slogan (if such a simple thing counts as a slogan) - it gets round the whole "shouldn't we say that libraries have more than books?" temptation that seems to raise it's head whenever more than three librarians get together. More please!

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